Ask Me Concierge, LLC began a few years ago as Trish Aikman was running errands and helping people on the side while running her Marketing business. After talking with her then 90 year old Mother, she knew it was time to take the side hustle into a full fledged business. With the help of a Business Coach, the name became obvious within minutes. From there the brand easily fell into place. She soon evolved into receiving the LLC and has been adding services and aligning with other professionals to build what it is today.

Trish has always felt called to help people in all aspects of life, and uses her multiple talents, including her love for Project Management, to assist people in all walks of life. Whether it be the busy professional, the often over-worked and under-appreciated parent, or the constantly running in all directions Realtor, Ask Me Concierge can assist.

Being raised in the southern part of Central Illinois by a high school Home Economics teacher and a blue collar steel worker, Trish learned the value of hard work and isn’t afraid to get dirt under her fingernails. She takes her upbringing of penny-wise shopping and doing things right the first time to heart.

One testimonial states: “I have known Trish for many years. I have seen her step into new roles and make them her own. Trish has a knack for figuring out what is needed and how to make it happen. She is so organized and diligent, I am always learning from watching her. Trish has the most incredible outlook on things. Nothing is impossible. I know that if Trish says she will do something, you could bet money on it.” RL, Cedar Park TX

And another: “I have to start by saying that Trish is just remarkable in everything she does…her dedication, commitment to customers, organizational skills, networking GURU and awesome smile to go along with her great attitude. We definitely need to clone this woman whenever that becomes legal because that world can use several more of you Trish!” DC, Austin TX

And just one more: “Ask Me Concierge catches me up with my office tasks. Her organizational skills and quick grasp of what needs to get done are tremendous. She has a regular 2-3 hour session with me where all those things I don’t get to are GETTING DONE!” BS, Leander TX So as you can see, Trish takes pride in her work. But more than that, she enjoys helping others.

Ask Me Concierge’s Mission Statement: Ask Me Concierge is dedicated to providing you with the priceless gift of time, helping you be more productive and less stressed and minimizing the frustration of trying to manage too many things at the same time. Ask Me Concierge is making the lives of others more manageable, thus allowing them to focus on healthy balanced lives with those that matter most. Our passion is in creating innovative solutions with the client’s needs and goals in mind. Our goal is to deliver the highest standards of service, consistently exceed the expectations of my clients and colleagues with honesty, dependability, efficiency, fairness, and integrity. We aim to create a contagious environment of having fun in everything we do everyday.

Trish is a member of the Lago Vista Chamber of Commerce and sits on their Board of Directors. She’s a former member of Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Leander Chamber of Commerce. She supports and volunteers for various causes in the area, including Lago Vista Welcoming Committee, Lago Vista Women’s Club CARE Group Facilitator, and other community activities. You are also likely to see her at numerous networking events in the area. Connect and follow her via her various social media venues, then contact her today to learn how she can help you with your “to do” lists.

Colleen Renaldi – Assistant Concierge

Colleen has been a proud Austinite since 1984. She has watched as it has grown to the metropolitan area it is today. She’s spent the majority of her career in Office Administration and Management with over 25 years of that being involved in the Real Estate business.

Colleen has worked with small independent firms as well as large corporate firms. She has several years experience as an Escrow Agent with a Title Company, which allowed her to use her love for organizing and having everything in order.

Building relationships and the importance of customer service has always been at the core of her career. Understanding the needs of others and having a true compassion for them is always her goal.

Colleen said “Besides playing with my Grandchildren, helping others brings me the most joy.”

Colleen is excited about being the newest addition to the Ask Me Concierge Team, and we are blessed to have her onboard.